Corporate Clients Quality Assessment

Executive summary

Implemented a fully automated data ingestion and orchestration system for the structural assessment of Corporate Client‘s balance sheets. Designed and implemented a two-level approach that includes both existing and publicly available information in a structured or semi-structured format. Extraction of relevant changes which are then compared to prior periods, explicit new data deliveries or internal policy baselines and thresholds.

Problem statement

Often banks are facing high staff turnover rate and general lack of advisory staff that is resulting in lack of client intelligence. Detailed client profiles either does not exist or outdated and does not reflect the latest situation. As a result it is hardly possible to increase the share of wallet of existing corporate clients.

Target market / Industries

Target industry for this use-case is Financial Services – Banks, Insurances, Asset Management Firms


The solution is aimed to understand which corporate clients are able to gain a bigger share of wallet. Using the publicly available information, such as news and social media, the selling proposition for those clients is outlined. At the next stage the segmentation of those clients is performed to understand how much efforts need to be put to increase share of wallet and to shortlist most prominent of them. This use case can be effectively combined with the Churn Analysis use-case.


-Sales management

  • Sales staff / Relationship Management
  • Key Account Management

Data elements, Assets and Deliverables

As an Input from the client, the following items were used:

  • Client base
  • Transaction / product usage history

Assets & Artefacts:

The deliverables included:

Impact and benefits

The use-case implementation resulted in:


“…” — Mr. XXX YYY, Title, Company ZZZ.

Tags / Keywords

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