Connect all your Clouds, Systems and Data.

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Ferris is a Simple, Scalable, Cross-Cloud, Event-Driven Integration Platform. Leverage industry-standard, open-source technology to connect all your clouds, systems and data - whether it is for Big Data Processing, Stream Processing, DevOps automation or AI/ML Modelling.

Within a very short time frame Ferris Labs has implemented a state-of-the-art Data Platform and integrated it with our ecosystem. Doing that, they have optimally positioned the bank for Big Data, Data Operations and Governance.


Unleash your Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation requires you to deal with multiple challenges such as multi-cloud, a plethora of services in your landscape, on-premise software and SaaS Services, containerisation, big data processing, CI/CD and AI/ML pipelines and scale.

All challenges which can bog down your project, send costs sky rocketing and dampen innovation.

Ferris DX is a unique re-think of how to meet the challenges of Digital Transformation. Our mission is to unleash your Digital Transformation.

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A Platform to Power your Imagination

The ease of working with Ferris, with it's ability to rewire services at will and integrate across clouds and services - Agility into engineering.


Within a single hour you can learn how to build and deploy robust, cross-cloud, event-driven, containerised services with 100s of integrations. That is the promise of FERRIS DX.


Leveraging the Ferris concept of micro-integrations you can additively evolve your solution with ZERO Downtime and ZERO Deployment overhead. This is the promise of Ferris DX.


Evolved in the engine rooms of Big Data and FinTech, Ferris packages hyper-scalability practices within the platform. Ensuring you are ready to scale from Day One.

Event Driven Magic

With Ferris you are effectively writing large applications by connecting "blocks" of code (Services) through Events. Each Service is a 'micro-integration' which can be linked to one or more other Service and Events at any point of the solution lifecycle.

Say goodbye to pre-defined DAGs and cumbersome, static flows. Stay Agile and embrace change.

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