Meet the new generation of event driven services and integrations architecture, making every aspect of software delivery ultra connectable, reusable and predictable.

Is innovation delivery fast enough in your organization?

Creating, testing and implementing new ideas often takes too long, jeopardizing the window of opportunity - putting your organizations competitive edge at risk.

Solve the problem of an ever increasing legacy refactoring bow-wave, and the growing stack of aging solutions. Take an open services and integrations approach to modernizing your existing applications - bit by bit.

No matter what technology or language, go for:

  • Unlimited integrations
  • Any programming language
  • Reusable assets

Ferris is THE Event-Driven Services and Integrations Platform: simple, scalable and natively cross-cloud enabled. Leverage industry-standard, open-source technology to connect all your clouds, systems and data - whether it is for Process Automation, Stream Processing, no-code DevOps or AI/ML Modelling.

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Focus on your Edge!

Accelerate solution delivery by a factor, keeping your budgets in check and your business happy.

One platform.

Many solutions.

There is never only one demand to consider and deliver towards. There are business demands, regulatory imperatives and a company strategy to pursue. But what if there is one platform that allows you to deliver tactical solutions and strategic transformation at the same time?

Legacy applications account for up to 80% of annual IT budgets, leaving little room for strategic investments that are imperative to advancing your organization's competitive edge.

Break down unwieldy tasks into small and manageable pieces, delivering immediate business value. Reducing legacy TCO by up to 60%.

The time to act on generative AI is now. Being late to the game could prove fatal - but what if the skills required seem unavailable? Do you have good ideas, but no idea how to act on them?

Experiment and learn while you try out new technologies in a safe environment. Let automation reduce operational pains incrementally.

You heard that "data is the new oil". But how do you make this theme tangible in the short term and without breaking your bank or putting security at risk?

Apply a unified approach to combine the needs of team independence, systems resilience and cost effectiveness. Breaking silos but retain agility.

Methodology. Architecture.


Many engineering projects and operations apply best practices, but efficiencies and effectiveness are lost due to technical, administrative and operational siloes. Putting all necessary tools into one integrated platform brings speed and efficiencies back into software engineering.

DevOps, Software Engineers and Data Engineers all work in their familiar IDE and maintain code via Git. No special software or skills required.

Ferris takes care of a seamless GIT integration

The moment a service or API is checked in on Git, it is propagated to the correct Ferris instance. Results can be observed and tested in real-time.

Ferris no-code CI/CD built-in

Connect and orchestrate services on an event or schedule basis. Observe complex process as they become end-to-end business applications.

Ferris low-touch business applications

Why it matters?

Because it is time to gain control of your software delivery. Know when solutions are deployed and how much they will cost to develop and operate.

Speed. Efficiency.


The Ferris Engineering Platform.

Developing software that meets functional and technical requirements is no longer enough.

Today, solutions must be delivered fast, agile and sustainable – both operationally and economically!


Accelerate time to market, delivering use cases within 12-16 weeks. Our agile methodology ensures swift adaptation to dynamic business demands. Protect flexibility by integrating proven technology, building open, flexible, and reusable assets.

Experience 3-5 times faster benefits, reducing DevOps costs by up to 60% with autonomous engineering teams. Choose a future-proof solution, avoiding technology lock-ins and adapting to emerging needs. Ferris provides an enterprise-ready platform, seamlessly integrating with existing tech assets and adhering to industry standards and security architectures for optimal compatibility and scalability.

Unleash your event based Microservices architecture

Discover the power of Ferris event-based microservices architecture, designed to elevate your digital infrastructure. Embrace real-time asynchronous services that leverage an event-driven architecture, facilitating faster communication and scalable event processing.

The architecture promotes the reusability of assets and services, fostering modularity and centralized management for streamlined maintenance processes. Additionally, our developer-friendly approach minimizes the learning curve, enabling your team to leverage common skills without the need for specialized expertise and reducing training overhead.

Transform your digital landscape with Ferris event-based microservices architecture, where scalability, flexibility, and efficiency converge seamlessly.

In short, it takes a few steps to get first results:

  • Build your own services and check them into Git
  • Connect your code automatically to Streams and Topics
  • Reuse services in as many topics as you wish
  • Let Ferris do the heavy lifting
  • Run the service and see results right away

Get Started

Within a very short time frame Ferris Labs has implemented a state-of-the-art Data Platform and integrated it with our ecosystem. Doing that, they have optimally positioned the bank for Big Data, Data Operations and Governance.



The FERRIS Platform

Efficiency and innovation define our integrated development platform, seamlessly combining development, deployment, and operations. Specializing in state-of-the-art event microservices engineering, it empowers your team to build scalable, responsive applications, maximizing productivity for streamlined projects.

Microservices engineering.

The Ferris Executor is the core platform service, built to facilitate and orchestrate the development of event based microservices.

Build and operate service flows for data ingestions, data quality, cross-cloud processes, large language models (eg. ChatGPT), or refactoring of legacy services.

Event driven Kubernetes.

Ferris K8X is designed to enable event driven Kubernetes - accelerate the creation of polyglot event-driven microservices.

Designed for powering event-driven service flows in polyglot environments - launch, link, monitor and manage on-demand containers on Kubernetes - use any mix of languages.

Event driven Deployment.

Ferris K8Z extends Ferris FX to orchestrate and operate standing pods. Meaning, any stateless deployment can be launched based on events. Events can be routed to these pods.

Abstract away the complexity of your services architecture and turn it into an easy to manage and cost effective asset.

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