Ferris FX

The following section provides a short overview of key features of Ferris FX.

Ferris K8X

Overview and in-depth introduction to Ferris Event Driven Kubernetes.

Ferris SX

The following section provides a short overview of key features, concepts and architecture of Ferris SX.

Integrations Guide

The Integrations Guide provides an overview of integrations with various services and infrastructure.


Introduction and “how-to” guide to the Ferris Security and Access Rights Management.

User Guide

This section documents the Ferris Management User Interface (UI) in detail, so that you can quickly understand how Ferris is used effectively. Practical examples will further help in obtaining hands-on experience.


Ferris FX is being used across industry verticals, such as banking, insurances, logistics and manufacturing, but also in horizontal business applications such as finance and human resources. The growing list of case studies may give you some insights and ideas how Ferris may be put to good use in your organization.

Release Notes

Quarterly release notes, including new features, upgrades and fixes.

Privacy Policy

Ferris Labs AG Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions

Ferris Labs AG Terms and Conditions.

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