Release 2.3.3

New features, improvements and fixes provided to you in the 3rd Quarter of the year 2023.

New added_blue

  • Added a re-run with edited parameters function, enabling the re-triggering of jobs and changing run-time parameters on the fly.
  • Added Live Logs for the Executor (FX) and Event Based Kubernetes (K8X) enables viewing real-time logs as the jobs run.
  • Added a Trigger button to trigger events and storing schema directly from within the UI.
  • Added an Event Bridge to send requests outside the Ferris cluster.

Changed changed_yellow

  • No changes at this time

Improved improved_green

  • Allow to edit trigger parameters on view execution and run using those parameters
  • Various edits and imprvements of the Ferris Documentation.
  • Various changes on the Ferris UI.

Fixed fixed_red

  • Various small system improvements and bug fixes

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