Developer Guide

The Developer Guide provides a step by step guide to building services and code snippets for specific scenarios.

Creating Projects and Linking with GIT

Managing your project.

Project and Code Structure

Structure and Artefacts of a Service

Create a Service

In this section we will create a simple service, add a manifest file to the service and deploy the service.

The Manifest File of an FX Service

Manifest File Definition

Deploy a Service

Deploy a Service.

Parameters and Configurations

Retrieve Parameters and Configurations using ferris_ef module.


How to integrate sensitive configurations(Secrets) within your services

A Guide to Config Namespaces

A Guide to Config Namespaces.

Database Integration

How to integrate a Database with the Ferris Platform.

Event Source Adapters

A Guide to Integrations Using the Ferris Edge Adapter.

Extending the Platform

Extending the Platform.

Git Integration

How to integrate a Git Repository with the Ferris Platform.

Event Manipulation Strategies

Leveraging Event Manipulation.

Logging and Monitoring

Development Lifecycle of an FX Service.

State Management

A Guide to Managing State Across Runs.

UI Generator

How to generate UIs in a simplified and automated approach.

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