Ferris Labs - 2023 Roadmap

We’re announcing the Ferris 2023 Product Roadmap. More advanced features, better, usability, more products.

The year 2022 is fast coming to an end! For the entire team at Ferris Labs this has been an eventful year. We’ve grown as a team and our product suite has grown as well. The go-live of Ferris SX (Streaming Automation) marked our latest release. Read the article

We’re intent to continue the pace and keep the innovation and development funnel full with new products and technologies that organizations and engineering teams of all shapes and sizes will benefit from.

What’s coming?

The 2023 Roadmap provides a wide breadth of new product, services and technology features, and we’re intent to also broaden our partnerships in the areas of value-adding and complementary tchnologies, independent software vendors and consulting firms.

Product Roadmap

The Ferris DX suite will soon see a new product being added. And we will continue to enhance Ferris FX and Ferris SX to further enrich functionality and make the user journey more seamless and efficient.

  • Ferris FX will receive Multi Language Support – opening the power of the Ferris Executor to the world of programming languages. Adding the likes of Java, .NET and more to Python, SQL, JSON and YAML.

  • Ferris SX or Streaming Automation, built for Engineers to develop and deploy stream based processes even faster. SX has been released for production in November 2022.

  • Ferris K8X stands for Event Driven Kubernetes – introducing the new way for Engineering and DevOps Teams of harnessing event driven computing, leveraging the power of millions of Docker containers.

Tech, Solutions, Partnerships

Equally important to pushing ahead with a fast-paced product development is to keep the palette of technologies and solutions on par with the most modern open sources technologies and services.

And as we’re strong believers in value-adding partnerships we continuosly grow our ecosystem of innovative partners.

  • Technologies: We’re constantly on the lookout to optimize our tech stack, be that with new built-in technology or integrations with our growing list of technology partners.

    For example, we’re in the final stretches of integrating Starburst Enterprise, the most powerful query and data distribution engine, into Ferris FX (stay put for the joint announcement).

  • Solutions are all about making teams and individual users more efficient and fostering a collaborative environment. FX and SX based solutions will enable teams such Engineering and DevOps to leverage purpose-built solutions specifically built to increase productivity, time-to-market and cost effectiveness.

  • Business and Technology Partners: We are intent to grow our strong business as well as technology partnerships to strengthen the ecosystem of value adding services around Use Case development, AI Modelling and systems integration.

Announcing Ferris K8X

With Ferris K8X we will be introducing the new way of harnessing event driven computing, leveraging the power of millions of Docker containers.

Built for teams: Ferris K8X will raise the bar on engineering and operations efficiecy, dramatically reducing deployment times and resources consumption.

We target to deliver the first alpha candidate to early adopters at the end of Q1-2023.

Ferris K8X Development Roadmap Pic: Ferris K8X development and release roadmap


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